Taqueria del Sol was founded on two things: friendship and a passion for great food. After moving to America from Mexico to pursue a music career, Executive Chef Eddie Hernandez found himself in Atlanta, GA after a failed recording contract in Houston, TX. Shortly after moving, Eddie connected with Owner Mike Klank, a Tennessee native with an engineering degree from Georgia Tech, and he gave the rocker with long hair and a pierced ear a chance in the El Azteca kitchen.

What started as a business partnership grew into an unlikely friendship and, before long, the two cut ties with El Azteca and started Azteca Grill, their first project as a pair. Not long after, the two opened the infamous Sundown Cafe in 1991 in the space where Taqueria del Sol’s Cheshire Bridge location currently resides. The pair’s numerous restaurant ventures over the years have been noticed by the James Beard Foundation and have garnered them nominations in the ‘Outstanding Restaurateur’ category five times.

Since opening the first Taqueria del Sol in 2000, diners have been invited to try inventive and delicious options for lunch and dinner - after waiting in the infamous line, of course. While the menu is driven by Mexican cuisine, many of the menu items feature a cross-cultural flair giving diners the truly one of a kind experience that only Taqueria del Sol can offer.

While guests stand in line, order, and take a seat — similar to the systems of many fast-casual restaurants — the similarities end there. The clean and playful design of all of the restaurants, the speed at which "from scratch" dishes are delivered, and the taste of such original selections creates a dining experience unlike many others.

With the large crowds that gather and the limited seating available, we have established firm policies that ensure every guest is treated equally an in a non-discriminating manner. Hence, below are the "House Rules". We'd like to thank everyone for their patience!