Picked by Bon Appétit Magazine and Food Network as a “Top American Restaurant.” Bon Appétit

“Eddie Hernandez, a native of Monterrey, Mexico, spikes his turnip greens with those squat pods. And he forgoes pork in favor of chicken stock. The result violates all the rules and, in turn, sets a new standard.” – John T. Edge, Garden & Gun

Selected as one of the “100 Southern Foods You Absolutely Must Try Before You Die.” – Garden & Gun

“The Search for America's Best Tacos: Favorite Tacos in the South” Serious Eats

“Friends of The Feast in Atlanta called Taqueria Del Sol the 'Shake Shack of Mexican Food,' and mentioned that Philly should prepare for long lines, but not long waits, as the counter-only service moves quickly.”- The Feast, Philadelphia  

“Taqueria del Sol resembles an extremely well-dressed taco stand, with inventive tacos, enchiladas, side dishes, soups, and chiles.” Frommer’s

“Taqueria del Sol is truly one of a kind, juxtaposing the quality of fine dining ingredients against fast-casual prices, and offering authentic southwestern selections as well as a variety of Southern-inspired menu choices.”QSR Magazine.com

“A winning combination of a simple menu with eclectic and flavorful dishes that have kept fans of the restaurant returning day after day.” QSR Magazine.com

“Atlanta’s Taqueria Del Sol is exactly the type of place I seek out on vacations -- or just on nice Saturday afternoons. It’s fast, it’s affordable and you can get fried chicken in a taco. Done and done.” VisitSouth.com

“Taqueria del Sol serves what may be the best cup of greens in Atlanta… Spiked with chiles, threaded with tomatoes, rich with chicken stock, the potlikker in which those greens bob is intoxicating. And so is the story behind them...In building Taqueria del Sol into an almost-institution, Klank and Hernandez have divined fast-casual restaurants that matter. Restaurants that dish blue-plate specials, garnished with cilantro. And pour molar-rattling sweet tea, as well as reposada margaritas. And practice — but refrain from preaching — a biracial gospel of good eats that all can embrace.” – John T. Edge, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"You know the line looks long but moves fast. You know not to grab a table early or break the house rules because the system works. You know the airy, screened-in patio will be a terrific spot to kick back with a margarita and a basket of warm chips with three salsas and chunky guacamole. And you know the fish tacos are as addictive as the Memphis pork barbecue tacos, and that the red sauce over an enchilada will put you in chile heaven." - John Kessler, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“This [cheese dip] recipe is amazingly simple and amazingly good. Executive Chef Eddie Hernandez created the recipe when the restaurant opened and they’ve seen no reason to tamper with it since.”Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“The first time I had a fish taco from Taqueria I was blown away. Then I had the memphis taco, then I had the carnita, then I had the fried chicken taco, then I had the salsa trio, then I had the guacamole, then I had the cheese dip... then I rolled myself to my car and laid on the couch for four days.” 11 Alive Atlanta News

“To this day, there is no better bang for the buck in Atlanta.” - Christiane Lauterbach, Atlanta Magazine

"The cross-cultural tacos, spicy turnip greens, and blue plate specials created by Eddie Hernandez are the stuff of legend. The lines form early and hardly ever relent, but the cheerful minimalist decor doesn't encourage lingering and the tables turn over at top speed." - Christiane Lauterbach, Atlanta Magazine

“The idea of Memphis barbecue tacos and turnip greens spiked with Mexican peppers remains as fresh and topical as ever.” - Christiane Lauterbach, Atlanta Magazine 

“The bare bones approach to décor lets this place focus on what’s really important – the food.” – Bre Humphries, Points North Magazine

“The mix of cultural flavors particularly stands out in the Memphis taco, which comprises chopped smoked pork with jalapeno coleslaw and tequila barbecue sauce, or in the fried chicken taco consisting of fried chicken breast strips, lime jalapeno mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato.” – Don Nelson, Athens Banner-Herald

“Don’t be put off by the long line you are likely to encounter at any of Taqueria Del Sol’s locations. It moves quickly, and you will be rewarded with some of the best Mexican/South Texas/Taqueria fare in Atlanta because it’s chef-driven by the very talented Eddie Hernandez, who creates creative from-scratch cuisine.”  - Rob Andrews, GA Voice

"Authentic Mexican flavors abound, whether in sporty sounding boutique tacos or hard-core authentic street fare. Opt for popular hickory-smoked pork tacos with barbecue sauce and coleslaw, or addictive fried chicken tacos with lime-jalapeño mayonnaise. Enchiladas, rotisserie chicken topped with green chili, are solid cantina fare." - Michael Longshore, Citysearch